Welcome to Stethophone

The regulation of medical devices is specific to each country. Currently different versions of Stethophone are recognized as a medical device in the USA and Ukraine. This means that Stethophone is available for residence of these countries. We are working on offering Stethophone in more countries in the future.

Please select a country of your residence to learn about the version of Stethophone available for you.

Feedback from the field

Dr. Anna Shkreba – cardiologist: “Very soon after I tried Stethophone, I started it using daily in my practise. The sound quality is extremely high. I now also have the ability to record, listen and analyze sounds anytime later, as well as to compare data to track disease regression or treatment response.”

“Stethophone significantly improved my approach to examining of new patients, especially those who have latent symptoms. It was surprising for me not only to hear high quality sound, but to see it also. Because of Stethophone, I have been able to detect refined details, consequently, patients receive their diagnosis quicker and don’t have to go through repeated cycles of consultations and examinations. 

Using Stethophone is valuable  for both the doctor and the patient and easy to get used to.I see my patients are more relaxed and have a sense of greater security with Stethophone

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