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The Power of Agency: The Crucial Link Between Control, Health and Wellness
Jan 23, 2024

A lack of control over health matters can give rise to stress and anxiety, which are notorious culprits in undermining health and wellness.

There exists an undeniable connection between one’s sense of control and their overall state of wellness. The concept of control extends its grasp over various facets of existence, but nowhere is its significance more pronounced than in the realm of health. The profound impact of feeling in control of one’s health on individual wellness cannot be overstated, as it lays the foundation for a harmonious and fulfilling life.

The Power of Agency

At its core, a sense of control over one’s health embodies the empowerment of agency. This agency brings forth a heightened awareness of the choices one makes, paving the way for informed decisions that can significantly impact physical, mental, and emotional well-being. When individuals feel that they have the ability to influence their health outcomes through conscious acts – whether it’s diet, exercise, or monitoring your health at home – they cultivate a positive relationship with their bodies. Importantly this translates into how they participate in their own medical healthcare.  People that are aware of how their bodies are working are better at seeking the right care if something does not feel right.  People who keep logs of symptoms or collect their own biometric data are in a much better position to provide evidence in discussions with doctors and advocate for themselves.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

A lack of control over health matters can give rise to stress and anxiety, which are notorious culprits in undermining health and wellness. When individuals feel powerless in the face of health challenges, they may experience heightened levels of stress, leading to a cascade of negative physiological responses. Conversely, a sense of control acts as a buffer against stress. The feeling that one is actively participating in their own health journey can foster a greater sense of calm, allowing the body to function optimally and reducing the risk of stress-related ailments. There is strong connection between stress and cardiac health.

Motivation and Resilience

The connection between control and wellness extends beyond physical health; it also influences mental and emotional well-being. People who perceive themselves as having control over their health are more likely to exhibit motivation and resilience. This stems from the belief that they can navigate and overcome obstacles, leading to a positive feedback loop. As they achieve victories through their self-directed efforts, their confidence grows, fuelling their determination to conquer challenges. These are critical tools for people who may be in at-risk groups for cardiac or other diseases that need to work with doctors to drive the best possible outcomes.

Fostering a Holistic Approach

When individuals are in control of their health, they tend to adopt a holistic approach to well-being. This means not only addressing physical ailments but also attending to mental and emotional needs. They become proactive advocates for their overall wellness, seeking balance in various aspects of their lives. This holistic perspective promotes a state of equilibrium where physical health, mental clarity, emotional stability, and even spiritual harmony intertwine to create a vibrant and thriving existence.

Cultivating Long-Term Health

The importance of control in health and its influence on wellness becomes even more evident when considering long-term health outcomes. Individuals who actively engage in their health management tend to be more attuned to early warning signs, leading to timely interventions that can prevent the exacerbation of issues. Self monitoring, regular check-ups, and a vigilant approach to health challenges contribute to a prolonged, high-quality life.

The symbiotic relationship between control, health and wellness is a testament to the intricate nature of human well-being. Empowerment through control not only shapes healthier lifestyle choices but also enhances mental resilience, reduces stress, and fosters a holistic approach to life. By recognizing the power they possess in shaping their health outcomes, individuals can embark on a journey toward well-being that is both enriching and rewarding.

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