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The regulation of medical devices is specific to each country. Currently different versions of Stethophone are recognized as a medical device in the USA and Ukraine. This means that Stethophone is available for residence of these countries. We are working on offering Stethophone in more countries in the future.

Please select a country of your residence to learn about the version of Stethophone available for you.

Stethophone is an FDA cleared medical application designed to fit into the lives of everyday people

The downloadable application transforms your smartphone into a professional-grade medical tool for use at home.
of audibility
Heart sounds
Record your heart

Important heart sounds are often quiet or occur at frequencies on the edge of human perception. Stethophone has patented advanced bioacoustics that make heart sounds clearer and more audible than leading medical stethoscopes that cost thousands.

With Stethophone, your phone is your personal stethoscope.
Just hold it to your body, listen with headphones and hit record.
Atrial Fibrillation (AF) is the most common cardiac arrhythmia in humans, is associated with increased morbidity and mortality, and has become a public health problem of the first order. From: Cardiac Electrophysiology: From Cell to Bedside (Sixth Edition), 2014

Store your examinations and notes

Take several readings from key spots and add notes. Collect data over time, when you are concerned or to build up a rich data profile of your heart health.

Sophisticated medical reviewing tools

Sound is digitally processed into highly accurate Spectrograms and Oscillograms so doctors can zero in on concern areas or unusual sounds.
Cardiology/ Cardiac Critical Care
Remote Patient Monitoring/Virtual Care
Internal/General Medicine
96% of doctors found the medical informativeness produces by Stethophone to be equal to or better than other leading stethoscope technology
In a blind 2022 study,
67% of doctors reported that the informativeness produced by the Stethophone was better than the leading medical stethoscopes. 28% found that the informativeness of produced by the Stethophone was equal.
Better Normal Heart Diagnosis (n=75)
Better Correct Heart Pathology Diagnosis (n=75)

Secure Sending

World class, HIPAA compliant secure communication with your doctor means you can send data ahead of office visits or as part of a remote care session

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